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Links to Other Videoconference Resources and Information

Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration - CILC   An Indiana-based organization promoting education, healthcare, community, and business videoconferencing connections. This site has an excellent content provider search engine, where users can search by program, date, or cost of program. The site rates content providers as well through feedback from users. CILC also offers a Collaboration Center where educators can find other VC schools and collaborate on a project of
mutual interest.

TWICE (Two Way Interactive Connections in Education) This web site from Michigan contains a number of different useful virtual field trip resources, including a searchable database of content providers. Visitors to this site can also review evaluations submitted by teachers of specific content providers and virtual field trip programs. TWICE also coordinates the annual “Read Around the Planet” event each Spring.

Videoconferencing @ Berrien Regional Education Service Agency (RESA) This cooperative (also from Michigan) provides many similar resources as other sites, including a content provider database, listing of VC collaborations and projects, and resources introducing new users to videoconferencing. The Berrien RESA sponsors the annual Teacher’s Choice Awards, where educators from across the country vote to select the best content providers and other videoconferencing service providers.

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