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Remote Learning Resources

In an effort to help schools manage shifts to virtual learning, continuity of instruction, and communication with
stakeholders and communities, the Distance Learning program is making a series of important resources available.

Virtual Learning Resources (
This resource site contains information about a variety of online and virtual tools, who they are intended for, and how to access them. Our recommendation at this time is that you use the tools you already have or are comfortable using whenever possible.

Online Conferencing Guidance (
The BOCES of New York State has created a website that will help any district, teacher, and Board of Education better impact learning and protect itself when using online conferencing in any format.

Distance Learning Practitioners' Meetings
Distance Learning Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Teachers Aides are invited to participate twice a year (usually in January and June) in a regional Distance Learning Practitioner's Meeting.
Our most recent meeting was held on Thursday, June 11, 2020. A recording of the meeting can be found at


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